Slidel city council rejects cathedral, Tamman Paris casino referendum

Slidel city council rejects cathedral, Tamman Paris casino referendum

This week, Louisiana’s Slidel City Council voted against voting to allow St. Louis residents. Tammony Parrish decides whether they want to lift the long ban on commercial gambling.

The casino referendum had to win five votes to win local government support, with two of the nine council members absent from Tuesday night’s meeting. After two hours of intense debate, only four councillors voted to raise the issue of gambling to voters in November.

I refuse to gamble on Slidel’s future and our security,” declared Glyn Pichon. 

David Dunham, one of the four who voted in favor of the casino resolution, said Congress should support a final decision on whether to overturn a parish vote banning non-lawmakers or local officials from gambling on commercial river boats in 1996.

“What we have decided is just a symbolic step,” Dunham said. “What’s more American than you can vote for?”

Peninsula Pacific Entertainment closed Diamond Jacks Casino in Bosnia City during the pandemic last year. The California-based casino operator wants to transfer his game license to a low-saturation area on a casino riverboat. The company believes it has found an ideal spot in Slidel in the Lake Show Marina.

However, in order for the P2E to build a new casino and take the game license south, it is necessary to approve allowing St. Tamonians to gamble commercially. 

Senate Bill 213, introduced by Sen. Sharon Hewitt, wants to raise the issue of a game referendum to parish voters. The bill passed the Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee last week and is now on the Congressional Treasury Committee. 

If the law passes through the Senate and the House of Representatives and then Governor St. Tammer Parish voters will pay attention to casino issues Nov. The council’s refusal to hold a referendum has nothing to do with Barton Rouge’s bill, which probably results in some state lawmakers changing their minds about whether to support the resolution.

Twenty-five years ago, voters in St. Tammony Parrish easily rejected suggestions to legalise river boat gambling. The issue was supported by only 38 per cent. 

Twenty-five years later, some people believe that anti-gambling attitudes have changed. During the 2020 presidential election, 67.3% of cathedrals held the church. Tammonho voters have given their support to allow sports betting to run within the parish.

The P2E says it will invest more than $250 million in building new casino resorts if residents lift the ban on gambling in parishes. That would create 1,700 construction jobs and 1,000 full-time jobs.  

The city council will not support a referendum on the ballot in February. Tammany Fish Council did so. Parish councils voted 11-1 in favor of the resolution.

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